Friday, December 27, 2013

SociSynd Review – Top Social Media Syndication Software
SociSynd Review – Top Social Media Syndication Software
In this SociSynd review we'll be discussing the hot new and innovative Content Syndication technology by Abbas Ravji. This new Crowd Marketing concept where team dynamics market using social media sites on a scale never seen before!

SociSynd Review of Crowd Marketing

With SociSynd, your content will be syndicated to thousands of Unique social media accounts through a network of authorized users. This ensures each social account uses ISP level IP addresses which are tied to real humans.

This SociSynd review found the beauty of this is that the bigger the SociSynd Community continues to grow the more power the Crowd Marketing Concept becomes, and the more each individual member benefits. This system gives marketers more exposure than was ever possible before.

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